Why tturk - Bluetooth ID card Solution

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Genesis of TTURK
TTURK is a culmination of thought process towards addressing prevailing issues of Student Safety and Tracking.This led to the expectation of information updates for parents right from the child steps out from home to school and returns back.

Way back in late 2000's this project was designed & engineered with RFID (Radio Frequency identification) tags and gate antennas.Owing to the practical difficulities in deployment under Indian atmosphere like (more students, limited/small school passages, need for antennas in each gate,tap & go cards,cost of deployment) were the deterrents then, which made the project to be shelved.

Presently, thanks to the advent of new technologies like Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE), Internet of Things(IoT), has addressed the concerns and also made the solution more robust,agile and easy to deploy.

Yes, we have indigenously designed & engineered the solution by adapting the latest technologies, so as this suits the requirement and can withstand the toughest operating environments.

We are proud to present to you TTURK (Tag & Track UR Kid).

Who we are ?
We are group of young & dynamic like-minded professionals sharing a common vision of integrating and implementing innovative technology solutions towards addressing the social concenrns there by improving quality of life.

Why Tturk
TTURK(Tag & Track UR Kid) is a student tracking & monitoring solution provided at an affordable price.

TTURK is designed with the cutting-edge technologies like Bluetooth Smart/Bluetooth Low Energy, IoT (Internet of Things) and integrated capabilities like WI-Fi,GPS,GPRS for Student Tracking & Monitoring on real time basis.

We offer a seamless and integrated platform(App Portal) along with BLE enabled wearables.

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